About Us

Message from the Owner:

Hi my name is David Visser and I’m the owner of HandyBros Services, a Phoenix handyman company. I’ve been helping my clients out for a long time with their home improvement projects. After spending 11 years doing various construction jobs, primarily in roofing, that taught me how to listen to my customers’ needs. After becoming a father of twin girls, I decided it was time to start my own business.

Owning my business allowed me to be flexible enough to participate in my kids’ key moments and still provide for my family. While there will always be new situations with each property and new challenges, we always seem to create a great end product for each client. When I started my business about four years ago I made my main goal to ensure quality work is performed in a timely manner. Another goal was to also communicate all aspects of the job to the customer so they know what to expect. In those four years, we have done just that! So go ahead and reach out to us today so our team can take on your project.


What Makes Us Stand Out?

Contractors have received a bad wrap over the years. Customers hire them and there aren’t any reviews online for their work. They only give you a window of time to show up for the appointment and sometimes they won’t even show up for that. We even hear stories of our clients reaching out to us because a contractor took the money and RAN!

It breaks our hearts to hear about this from other guys in the industry. That’s why when customers ask us why we’re the best option, we give these reasons:

Quick Response to Needs

Our team is very quick to respond to inquiries about jobs. Whenever someone reaches out to us through Google or we find a great match for a job on Homeadvisor, we are ON it. We’ll literally receive comments from customers saying that they just submitted a request for work a minute ago. It’s this kind of adamant, can-do attitude to our work that makes us different.

We also constantly see the disadvantages of not responding to people’s requests or not calling back in a timely manner. Our team keeps tabs on current jobs, but the typical handymen around Phoenix have often shown a track record of disorganization. If you can’t schedule specific times for clients to follow, then you can’t be a truly professional contractor in our books. While customers will be polite and kind about your excuse for “terrible traffic” or a job that got “carried away”, they secretly hate you.


People Really Love Us!

In contrast to the other guys, people really do love us. Just take a quick Google search for “Handybros Services Phoenix” and you will find dozens upon dozens of our previous customers who rave about our work. Some of the common comments have to do with our response time. As mentioned earlier, we really do provide people will timely responses to their requests. Other comments deal with our professional work. We wouldn’t have tons of 5-star reviews if people hated our work right? Our customers also just enjoy our team too! With friendly contractors who greet you at the home and the fearless leader, David Visser, consistently communicating on expectations, it really doesn’t surprise us at all the people love us.

On the other hand, if you were to research the typical contractors or Phoenix handyman, most include very few reviews. While some compare with their reviews, we will steadily climb up in the amount of reviews we get. Whenever you research for other contractors though, don’t you want to verify that they legitimately are a great option? That’s what our reviews do for us and that’s we’re emphatic about always getting your feedback.


We’re On-Time With Projects

If you hire a contractor, you’d probably like to have them complete the projects when they say they will be completed right? Well with the Phoenix handymen we’ve heard stories about and seen, this isn’t an easy assumption. In fact, many people assume that contractors will not be on-time or will not hold their deadlines. You may have hired a Phoenix handyman previously and they didn’t give you great deadlines and didn’t provide clear communication! If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s definitely happened to one of your homeowner friends.

At Handybros Services, we understand that it’s the little things that go a LONG way with customers. The fact that we get the job done when we say it needs to get done? That honestly takes us to the top 10% of Phoenix handyman in the area! You can check out our reviews and find out for yourself that we’ve held this up. In fact if you really are curious, call them! We don’t mind at all that you verify our legitimacy by calling previous clients to ask them about us. If that’s what it takes to make sure we can WOW you on your project, then we’ll make sure it gets done.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that this guaranteed is often an empty statement by some marketing guy who works with a business. For Handybros Services, it really is true. How are we able to validate that it’s true? The “Satisfaction Guarantee” we provide establishes that if you aren’t satisfied with our work, we’ll stay on job and make sure it’s done correctly. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Are we serious? Absolutely. We know that if you hire a typical Phoenix handyman, they will likely charge you for additional touch-ups and fixes on a project, even though they clearly were the cause of it. They are quite crafty about coming up with excuses about the “infrastructure” of your home or the “structural integrity” of the project makes it difficult. For us, we keep simple and just make sure the job has your seal of approval before we take off. I guess that’s why people really do enjoy working with us.

If you need a trustworthy Phoenix handyman to fix up your property, then it’s time to work with Handybros Services today. Schedule a free estimate and know that for guys just as good as us, we’ll beat their prices by 20%!